Everyone work hard for their money.

Including all of us at Payroll2U. That is why we take our responsibility seriously to ensure employees' hard-earned money are paid ON TIME, EVERYTIME.

We diligently work out a payroll schedule to ensure that employees' payday are not compromised.

We also draw up a service level agreement and monitor our service levels and accuracy on a monthly basis.

asia payroll outsourcing payday

What EXACTLY do we do for you? We offer payroll outsourcing services and online payroll (SAAS) solutions. New hire information, employee resignations, overtime calculations, allowances, reimbursements & deductions will be processed. To avoid communication gaps/delays, we strongly recommend the client to use our pre-configured MS EXCEL templates when compiling source information. We welcome any direct file export from your HRMS as long as it is compatible with our required formats. All data will be processed and we will check and validate the results.

Does the client need to check?

YES. Even if you are outsourcing your payroll services to us, you will have to authorise the payroll before employees get paid. And we are not asking you to authorise blindly. We will include a reconciliation & variance report so that you can make reference to them when checking.

What's NEXT?

Once payroll is authorised, clients will have to remit the required funds to our account for payroll disbursement. Hence, the importance to follow the payroll schedule to avoid delays. If you decide to do the payroll disbursement directly, we will send you the necessary bank files as required. Lastly, unlike any other payroll outsourcing companies in Asia, you can be assured we will submit all statutory forms/files as well as payments on/before the due dates. Please refer to respective countries for deadlines. Payment receipts will be filed and returned for safekeeping.

Year End Processes

There will be a separate schedule for year-end processes. Clients will have to compile all BIKs (Benefit-In-Kind) and any other salary related items for the purpose of tax declarations. We will prepare these forms (IR8As, etc) for employees and also assist in submitting employer's forms to the tax authorities on your behalf.


Any customisations will be treated as a separate project.

Does this mean we do EVERYTHING?

No we don't. And we draw this line distinctly from day one. Hence, the importance of setting out all requirements and deliverables clearly, right from the start. So that there will be no nasty surprises - both for you, as our client and us, as your payroll outsourcing service provider.

We DON'T pay first

When you select to do salary crediting services via Payroll2U, please ensure you have transferred sufficient funds into our account based on the respective payroll dates. Payroll2U strictly does not make payment first and then be reimbursed by you. Absolutely not.

We DON'T place our people on-site

Payroll outsourcing Services offered by us make life easier for you. When you outsource your payroll to us, it will be processed by OUR team at OUR centres. Our processes and infrastructure are built to cater to our business needs, hence all processing are required to be done internally at Payroll2U.

We DON'T provide HR & Taxation advices

We do not provide advice on how to do retrenchment, voluntary separation, etc. We also do not advise you whether a pay item is taxable or not. The decision is ultimately yours to make as only you will know the purpose and nature of the pay item. We can however, share our knowledge with you or refer you to professional sources.

Our services and applications are compliant with countries in Asia, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and Vietnam, and are capable of handling various payroll services. Headquartered in Singapore, Payroll2U aims to provide a holistic services to the entire Asian region. To know more about our services catered to your location, please contact our staff at sales@payroll2u.com

Affordable. Competitive. Reliable.