BEEN There. DONE That.

We may be a “little” biased, but we think we have the best payroll team in Asia.  From our team of software programmers to operations and sales, their passion and dedication drives the success of Payroll2U and all its clients.

We pride ourselves as industry veterans that helped shape the Asia outsourcing industry in the 1990s.  All of us here at Payroll2U are hands-on contributors and work closely to ensure prompt delivery and response to all our clients.  We do not segregate and divide our teams instead we work TOGETHER.  We are able to make decisions fast and are not bogged down by ridiculous organisational structure.

payroll outsourcing handbook

Work life balance is an important philosophy as we believe employee happiness matters the most.  To achieve this balance, Payroll2U invest in technology and automation so that employees do not waste time on repeated/unnecessary tasks.  We create a working environment that is flexible, fun and friendly so that the working place feels like home to them

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